A virtual tour of snow, lots of beautiful snow

There have been a number of blog posts lately lamenting unusual weather patterns.  A blogger in the UK posted a spectacular field of snow drops, but voiced concern that, though stunning, they are blooming too early because of very warm spring weather they are experiencing in February. A blogger in the mountains of Virginia is frustrated that the weather there goes from warm to cold to warm and wet, making decisions about spring plantings difficult.  And on it goes.

I thought maybe those of you who do not live in the land of long and serious  winters might enjoy a taste of a fairly typical winter in northeastern North America. This tour has the advantage that you don’t need to put on layers upon layers of warm clothing in order to enjoy what real winter has to offer! We have our own kind of snow drops, called LOTS OF SNOW. Friends in the UK, in case you’re wondering why you have so little cold weather this winter, it’s because it all decided to stay over here this year. This morning it was a balmy -31C with wind chill – and there was lots of wind. Cold, yes, but beautiful too, right?!

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour of my beautiful town of Fredericton, NB. I got some very frosty fingers snapping these pics just for you!

Streets of Fredericton

Freshly plowed side street

2-way traffic is more challenging with such big snow piles

City trail, to Walking Bridge. And, yes, there were runners on it this past weekend.

Walking bridge (repurposed train bridge, very popular part of our trail system)

View of city from Walking Bridge

Looking east from Walking Bridge

City landmark from Walking Bridge

University of New Brunswick campus

Snow removal, ongoing operation! Credit: Globalnews

UNB Old Arts Building, oldest university bldg (1827) in Canada still in use today

Lord Beaverbrook Residence

UNB, but all the parking lots in town look like this!

The snow at our house

Chez nous


Snow at front of house


Not a good time of year to sit out on the lower deck

Life is an adventure this time of the year, a beautiful, invigorating adventure, and I love it!

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9 Responses to A virtual tour of snow, lots of beautiful snow

  1. Thanks for the tour, Jane, from the comfort of my warm home in Niagara Falls, Canada. We haven’t seen snow of that depth all winter, although it has been really cold.


  2. Sartenada says:

    A lot of snow – maybe more than here in Finland! 🙂

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    • Jane Fritz says:

      The north of our province has far more; the spring melt and flooding could become an issue. Where are you in Finland? We were there a very long time ago, including in the north, when we were living in the UK, and it made us homesick for Canada!

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      • Sartenada says:

        Thank You. We live in Helsinki, but we have travelled everywhere in Finland! Lapland, which is northernmost part of Finland, is our favorite part. Hiking in Lapland is fantastic, because then You meet free roaming reindeers. Example:

        North of the Arctic Circle 3

        Lapland offers in winter some unique experiences:

        Best Snow Castle photos

        Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle

        In summer cruising on old steam ships on some of our lakes are unforgettable experiences. We just spent 10 days in the middle of Finland in the town called Oulu. This town loves kids and offer them free winter fun experiences like reindeer rides!

        Winter walk

        Happy upcoming weekend!

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        • Jane Fritz says:

          Oh my, what wonderful links to beautiful places. Thank you, Sartenada. We were in Lapland with the reindeer and Laplanders/Sami. I remember it so well, even though it was a lifetime ago. And, as I say, the drive south from the Arctic Circle to Helsinki reminded us very much of Canada. You live in a beautiful country.

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  3. barryh says:

    What fun! We had weather like that in the UK about 5 years ago. But not your sort of low temperatures. Can’t say I really envy you!


    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. You’re probably right. It definitely doesn’t suit everyone, including many Canadians. Long-lasting very cold weather isn’t for the faint of heart! 😏🌬🌨☃️☀️🌴


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