Cafe Privilege or Why I Don’t Trust White Women Who Don’t Order Coffee When We’re Meeting at a Cafe – A Poem

Blogger I Do Run uses her blog to share her running experiences and also her poems. This poem should be shared far and wide. Those of us who live with privilege by accident of birth need to be reminded of the message it conveys.

I Do Run

You had arrived first

Patiently waiting for me

Our meeting began

But you hadn’t ordered coffee

I was confused

Since I knew the score

Without paying the price

They ask you to leave the store

But you sat and you talked

That’s when it got scary.

You exclaimed, “I don’t see colour”

That it wasn’t a worry

I should have known

Right then and there

To keep my mouth shut

I shouldn’t have cared to share

But I took a chance

And brought up the notion

That your ability to sit without buying a thing

Was because of your white complexion

Your demeanor, indignant

And your voice, like ice

“Don’t call me a racist”, you said

“That isn’t nice!”

I never called you that

I began to protest

I’m just pointing out this double standard

To get it off my chest

But you didn’t see

The privilege that you wore

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3 Responses to Cafe Privilege or Why I Don’t Trust White Women Who Don’t Order Coffee When We’re Meeting at a Cafe – A Poem

  1. Alison says:

    I often think of how it would have been to have been born in the days of European Royal ruling class as a peasant. You’re still you but automatically undervalued. I wonder if this is akin to White Privilege today? The most poignant post I’ve seen on this topic (and the one that convinced me unequivocally that white privilege does, in fact, exist) is this one (copy and paste to your browser. It is so worth the read):

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