The world needs more, many more, politicians who encourage the better side of human nature. The kind, compassionate, caring side as opposed to the greedy, self-serving, cynical side. And Lilie’s poem at Tea and Toast with Kindness expresses our thirst for more compassion in the world with such impactful economy of language.

Tea and Toast with Kindness

beto o’rourke

did something


jaw dropping

awe inspiring

did I hear him right?

my husband says

yes, i did


i’ve been having


of decency


this was real

mr. o’rourke

he said

we should work with


who are struggling


for their people

to keep

their place

their land

homes, families


with growth

and hope

he said things

like that

out in the open

out in the air

out in the places

that have the least


for kindness


and its

good sense

beto o’rourke

beto o’rourke

keep talking

on the way

to my state

make it a

national cry

keep it

keep this kindness


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2 Responses to BETO O’ROURKE

  1. Lovely. I wanted him to win. And in a way, he has. We badly need compassion, civility and vision back in the public sphere.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      You are so right, Cynthia, we badly need compassion, civility, and vision back in the public sphere. Even civility would be a step forward. I wish he and a few others had won instead of almost winning. I sure hope the US hasn’t seen the last of Beto and others like him.

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