Go forth. Act decent. Call your mother from time to time.

This message of choosing action, however small, over helplessness resonated strongly with me. It reminds us that we’re far better off getting past our occasional despair at the ways of the world and seeking out the good, and the kindness in people.


Author Simcha Fisher gets all the credit for my headline. It’s what was on the card I gave my recently minted high school grad last month. And it’s a mantra I wish I could brand into my fellow citizens here on planet earth.

My most cynical friends and I have been having a debate since the world got less civilized. Since it’s been ok for a standing president to insult women’s looks and intelligence. Since the Kardashians became people more interesting to the American public than authors, artists and educators with big ideas. Since we separate small children from the only people in the world who will love and protect them like no other. Wasn’t it Eminem that said: “Somewhere deep down there’s a decent human being in me, it just can’t be found?”

Let’s just say this debate amongst my friends has raged for a while.

They talk about…

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4 Responses to Go forth. Act decent. Call your mother from time to time.

  1. Jane, thanks for that fabulous re-blog! It was so worth the time to go check out! I used to have two major rules in my classroom: 1) Work hard. 2) Be nice! Pretty much covers every situation – Just Be Nice! Thanks again! ~ Lynn

  2. candidkay says:

    I appreciate the shout-out! I’m glad this one resonated with you. It sounds like we’d have a lot to talk about over coffee . . .

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