New Brunswick, Canada! You’re going to hate it! 

In just her second blog post, Liette does a great job of describing the spirit of my beloved province of New Brunswick. Worth a share. Mind you, we’re not so green for several months of the year; we’re white with snow, which is just as beautiful. And she’s only describing the SE corner. There’s still so much to tell you about another time, so much more. But thanks for a great intro, Liette. Good luck with your new blog!

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If you hate sandy beaches, friendly people, world class seafood and breathtaking natural views; then I am pretty certain you won’t like N.B.!

New Brunswick, in my opinion, is one of the most overlooked provinces in Canada. If you are not from Canada, it’s the one province that you have most likely never heard of.

Map of Atlantic Canada

It’s situated in the between Quebec, Maine, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It has no bestselling novels with a red headed pig tail girl about it, Sidney Crosby isn’t from here, and Hollywood stars don’t vacation here in million-dollar summer homes.  It is a plain and simply a forgotten province which more people tend to pass through on their way to other places.

The goal of this post is to highlight a few of the awesome things about South Eastern N.B. that you probably won’t like one bit.

Here are five random, things about…

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1 Response to New Brunswick, Canada! You’re going to hate it! 

  1. oui-liette says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my tongue-in-cheek tribute to my home province!!!

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