Hugh Learns to Love Winter, a new pre-Robby Robin story

This story may appeal to kids 18 months – 3 years, especially if they’re not convinced that playing in the cold and the snow is a good idea!


Hugh Learns to Love Winter

“Oh look,” said Daddy, “it’s snowing out, Hugh.

       Let’s go out and play, there’s so much to do.”

“Oh no,” said Hugh, “it’ll be too cold.

       Snow is so cold, and it’s too wet to hold.”


“No problem,” said Dad, “we’ll just dress really warm.

       Our scarves, tuques, and mitts will keep out the storm.”

“And our boots keep our feet all cozy and dry.

       Let’s bundle up tight and go give it a try.”

“But there’s nothing to do when there’s snow on the ground.

       The swings are too cold and you can’t run around.”

“Hugh,” said his Dad, “there are new things to do,

       like sliding, making snowmen, and snow angels, too.”


So they dressed up real warm and out they both fled,

       dragging behind them crazy carpet and sled.

They aimed for the playground, but not for the swings;

       instead for the hill there to try out slid-ing.

“Can we first make a snowman?” Hugh asked of his Dad.

       Daddy smiled and scooped up some snow with his hand.

Hugh watched as Dad made a ball, just like Playdough,

       then Hugh tried himself and picked up some snow.

It seemed good to eat, as every boy knows,

       and once it’s a ball, it’s so easy to throw.


Hugh watched in delight as Daddy’s snowball grew;

       as it was rolled in the snow, it grew and it grew.

Then Daddy made another and another again,

       and soon they had a snowman, who they called Big Ben.

Then on to the hill, where they zoomed down together.

       It was so much fun, Hugh wanted to do it forever.


But Daddy knew it was time for them to get back.

       Momma and Raph would be waiting, along with a snack.

They brushed snow from their clothes, and walked back up the street.

       As they reached the front door, Momma was waiting to greet.


Before she could ask if they’d had fun together,

       “Hugh cried out, “Snow is the most fun ever!”


Jane Fritz, Copyright 2017

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2 Responses to Hugh Learns to Love Winter, a new pre-Robby Robin story

  1. jennypellett says:

    Charming! When’s that book coming out Jane?!

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