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Resetting the Optimism Button for 2017

Time for the Year in Review. This is the week in which every columnist reviews the past year from their perspective, be it sports, TV shows, movies, celebrity lives and deaths, or … dare I say it, politics. There are … Continue reading

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Cambodia: Life along the Tonlé Sap and Mekong Rivers

The travel companies that have been so successful in building a thriving river cruising industry in Europe are now expanding their offerings to new destinations, including the Mekong River in Cambodia (and Vietnam). This is 1st world travel in a … Continue reading

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Cambodia: the glory of the Angkor Empire

One of the best things about travelling is the opportunity to learn new things: things about history, geography, geology, nature, and especially about people around the world. We learned something about all of these topics on our recent trip to … Continue reading

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Vietnam: Images of country life

Villages along the Mekong River. In our recent trip to Vietnam (and Cambodia), we were lucky to have been able to visit some of the villages whose rhythm is very much tuned to the ebbs and flows of the Mekong … Continue reading

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Vietnam: Images of Hanoi

To put the history of Hanoi in context for North Americans like me, in 2010 Hanoi celebrated the 1000th anniversary of its founding as a city! Currently the capital of Vietnam, it was the seat of the Chinese rulers starting … Continue reading

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Vietnam: moving past a legacy of occupation and repression

Back home from a fascinating trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and trying to wrap my head around all that we saw and learned. So many amazing things to see and experience: Halong Bay (Vietnam) and Angkor Wat (Cambodia) are just … Continue reading

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