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How do we mentor women when there aren’t enough female role models?

“Where are the women? How do we engage more of them?” This concern has been posed to me in three different contexts in the past two weeks, and in each case, I’m very pleased to say, by men. The specific questions, coming … Continue reading

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Taking traveling and running to a new level

There are races going on somewhere in the world every weekend. Today, undoubtedly among many others, 3000 runners have gathered in Moncton, New Brunswick for the annual Legs for Literacy races (5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon). As you can … Continue reading

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Opportunities reserved for the (gently, gradually) aging – choose your favourite!

Unless you’ve never ever read anything about maintaining continued good health as you age, you are well aware that remaining physically fit is an important part of the formula. Obviously, the definition of physical fitness varies from person to person, … Continue reading

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Ageism: please don’t call me “dear”

Apparently it’s called “benevolent prejudice”, the tendency to see older people as “friendly” but “incompetent” and to treat them accordingly. And apparently, women encounter this phenomenon more often than men. I remember my mother-in-law being treated like this, not infrequently, … Continue reading

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The Mounties, the Donald, sexism, and the gaps in the message

Even if you’ve never been to Canada there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Mounties. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the RCMP, with their ceremonial hats and red jackets, are a national icon of Canada. The Mounties, in fact, have a … Continue reading

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Haiti: There’s more to sun destinations than just sun, and sometimes it’s heartbreaking

As we watch from afar as the extraordinarily impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti gets pummeled by Hurricane Matthew, it’s hard to take in just how many forces of destruction have hit the Haitian people throughout their existence. Most recently, the … Continue reading

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Privacy, security, and cybersecurity: what’s it all about

This has been Homecoming Weekend at our local university, the University of New Brunswick (UNB). It’s been a glorious early fall weekend for alumni to gather and reminisce. Yesterday morning, as part of the festivities, an enthusiastic crowd of computer … Continue reading

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