Hugh’s Missing Truck, a pre-Robby Robin story

This is my first attempt to write for a grandson too young for Robby Robin. More to follow.


Hugh’s Missing Truck



“Boo hoo,” said Hugh, “what shall I do?

      I’ve lost my truck, the one that’s blue.”


“Don’t worry, Hugh,” his Daddy said.

      “Your fire truck’s here, the one that’s red.”


“My fire truck’s fun, its siren, too.

      but I really want my truck that’s blue.”



Said Momma, “Now, now, my little fellow,

      here’s your school bus, the one that’s yellow.”


“I like my school bus, I really do,

      but I’d rather have my truck that’s blue.”




“I have an idea,” Grandpa said,

      “why don’t you look under your bed?”


Hugh smiled at his Grandpa and cried, “That’s right!

      I stored it under my bed last night.

My truck that’s blue’s not lost at all,

      it’s waiting for me, along with my ball.”




“Grandpa, you always bring good luck.”

      And together they went to get Hugh’s blue truck.



Copyright 2016, Jane Fritz




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9 Responses to Hugh’s Missing Truck, a pre-Robby Robin story

  1. jane tims says:

    Great rhythm and lilt! I like your illustrations because they portray family so well. For a book length I think it needs stanzas on purple and green!

  2. alesiablogs says:

    cute as a button. Luke and I read it together. : )

  3. Roy McCarthy says:

    Very good Jane. I like how the grown-ups don’t think the loss is as tragic as Hugh does 🙂

  4. jennypellett says:

    I love this little story Jane. Just right for little ones who love repetition and finding things. Did you do the illustrations too? You should publish!

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Jenny, you are too kind about my illustrations! I can see what I want in my mind, but it doesn’t come out quite the same. :). I just write these for my grandkids now. When I was doing the Robby Robin stories (and, boy, animals are a lot easier to draw than people!), I tried publishing, but gave it up as a bad job. Now I just write stuff and give it to anyone I think would like it.

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