Happy New Year, with lots of thanks to go around

Ready or not, another New Year is underway.  The year 2013 is upon us, or as we learned last week in the Yucatan (a very nice place to spend Christmas, it turns out!), the beginning of the Mayan’s 13th Baktun (regardless of what the New Agers wanted us to believe).  We wrapped up 2012 like this:

2013-01-01 001 031

arriving back on New Year’s Eve to the effects of the first two big storms of the winter season, 50 cm (20”) of beautiful white stuff:

Outside our front door

Outside our front door

Welcome home.  Back to reality!

Being introduced to the blogosphere was one of the hightlights of 2012 for me.  Starting to blog has provided me with the opportunity to write, ponder, explore ideas, meet new and interesting people through their blogs, and learn from them.  It has been a gratifying ride to date and I look forward to more in 2013.

I am starting this second year of blogging by bestowing awards on some of my favourite blogs.  As I explained in a previous post on the subject of blogging awards, these awards are kind of a “pay it forward” moment in that when you are awarded one, one of the obligations is to pass along the award to 7 blogs you have enjoyed and believe are worthy of recognition.  This gives me the chance to show my appreciation of other bloggers, while directing some Robby readers to other blogs they might like. For my honorees, as always, you can participate or not, it’s completely up to you.

I am honoured to have received this award from AMB, who blogs at Misfortune of Knowing. AMB is a busy mother, lawyer, consummate reader and book reviewer, who blogs about books for adults and children, intriguing legal issues related to books and publishing, and life issues, always with an intelligent and unique approach to topic at hand.  A recent example is Fictional friends (to fill in for ones I had in real life?).  If she hadn’t just received this award herself, I’d be nominating her!  Thanks for nominating me, AMB.

Here are the rules for this award: (1) Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you; (2) Post the award graphic to your blog; (3) Nominate other bloggers who inspire you and notify them; (4) Share seven facts about yourself.

I’ll get the seven facts about myself out of the way first.  Anyone who reads my blog already knows I like to run, travel, and see my grandchildren, so I’ll have to dig a bit deeper.  Here goes:

  1. I have driven a stick shift Honda Civic (well, an Accord for a few years) since 1976.  The Honda folks should give me my next one for free.
  2. I hate shopping for new shoes, except for running shoes.
  3. Actually, I don’t like shopping for new clothes much either, except for running clothes.
  4. My husband and I are trapped into buying a 6/49 lottery ticket every Wednesday and Saturday, because what we would we do if we didn’t and then our 6 special numbers were drawn?!
  5. I am very uncompetitive at sports, probably because I’ve never been good at them (I was always one of the last chosen for teams in gym, shudder).  That’s one reason I love long distance running; it can be about personal accomplishment rather than comparison to others, and you’re not letting down someone else on a team if you screw up.
  6. I LOVE watching PGA golf on TV EVERY weekend (while I’m “working” on my computer on the coffee table) – and it starts up again this weekend.
  7. I finished my graduate degrees when I was 36 and 49.  Keep all your options open, you never know when opportunity will knock!


These are the blogs I am nominating for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, in no particular order (participation is optional but you are all deserving, even if you’ve been nominated before):

Puravida (aka Kim) blogs at Taste for Adventure.  She writes on a variety of interesting and appealing topics, including food, international travel, and life, always with an interesting twist of her own.

DM writes a blog called I also live on a farm, in which he writes engagingly about every manner of activity he and his wife are undertaking on their farm, along with other observations on life.

Mike Knoche writes a blog called ExploreDreamDiscover Talks . He runs a tour company out of Alaska and posts on travel experiences in wilderness areas in Alaska and around the world.

Carol Despeaux and Carly Sandifer blog at One Wild Word. Their blog contains frequent and invaluable advice on writing, from writing contests to writer’s block and every conceivable tip in between. I love it.

Steve Edwards blogs at Life Revelation. He has a mission in life to help people feel better about themselves, which is encapsulated by his tag line of “be encouraged”.  He occasionally shares his fascinating life story, which includes having run across the U.S.  Yes, that’s correct, he ran across the entire country.

Rita blogs at Country Girl – Life on the Farm. She writes about the daily activities that define life on a working farm, as well as life issues that resonate with women everywhere, always with a wonderfully authentic voice.

Lisa blogs at loveitorshredit. This is a fairly new blog, which Lisa started as a vehicle to practice writing fiction.  This was my original intention as well, but Lisa is actually sticking with it, posting pieces and inviting feedback.  Impressive.

As a New Year begins, I’d like to thank these bloggers and many other inspiring bloggers (including Alesia at alesiablogs and Prego and the Loon) for enriching my life.  And many thanks to Robby Robin’s readers for joining Robby and me this past year as we embarked on our journey.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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7 Responses to Happy New Year, with lots of thanks to go around

  1. Thank you, Jane. We will definitely pay it forward. We love reading your blog, too and partaking in your adventures. Happy New Year! Carol & Carly

  2. DM says:

    Why Thank you Jane for thinking of me 🙂 I think I will in fact give some thought to this award and write something up. DM

  3. Eloi Duguay says:

    I read everyone of your blog with a vivid interest, keep up the good work. I need to have some guidance form you on how to set my own blog. Louise and will bike across Canada next year and we would like to keep family and friends posted on our adventure. Could you give me some pointers?
    Thanks Eloi

  4. puravida says:

    Thank you for the honor, Jane. I really enjoy your blog, too – you inspire me!

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