A bird’s eye view of marathons

“Mama,” asked Robby, “what are all these people doing here? I was going to the park to get some worms, but it’s filled with big white tents and rows and rows of blue closets, and there are people everywhere.”

“Robby,” explained his mother, “these people are called runners. They’re getting ready to run all over the city. First they go across the river and way out to the north side, and then they come back over the river and head way over to the south side. By the end of the afternoon they’ll all be back here again.”

“Why do they do that?” Robby asked.

“I haven’t figured that out yet,” repiled Mama, ” but they’re lots of fun to watch. Some go fast, even very fast, and others go pretty slow.  For some reason nobody even tries to fly.”

Thanks to blogger Jane Tims for asking me what Robby Robin thinks of marathons.

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2 Responses to A bird’s eye view of marathons

  1. A.M.B. says:

    I love it! It would be so much easier if they could fly!

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