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SuperStorm Sandy trumps other plans

It’s impossible for me to blog about personal goal-setting or concerns about food safety and agri-business while the impact of Sandy’s wrath on the U.S. east coast is still unfolding.  The storm – a once-in-a-lifetime convergence of 2 storms along with … Continue reading

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Yoga and workplace stress … nice, but not the solution

Maybe yoga really is the answer to everything.  I had been thinking that must be true, based on the number of specialized yoga classes available to address nearly every aspect of well-being.  So when I saw an article in Saturday’s … Continue reading

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What do kids read? Everything!

Reading for entertainment, reading for learning and exploring new ideas, reading for escape, reading for inspiration, it’s all good.  That was the general consensus from readers of my post last month entitled “What is a balanced reading diet?”.  People responding … Continue reading

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A bird’s eye view of marathons

“Mama,” asked Robby, “what are all these people doing here? I was going to the park to get some worms, but it’s filled with big white tents and rows and rows of blue closets, and there are people everywhere.”

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Chicago marathon gets checked off the bucket list

The suitcases are unpacked, the legs are massaged, and my two-page training schedule is relegated to the recycle bin.  All that focus on the Chicago Marathon, front and center in our lives for 6 months, is now a memory, albeit … Continue reading

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