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Tiger sightings may be a thing of the past – let’s hope not

“We’ve never spotted seven tigers in one day before,” proclaimed the excited guide in our open-topped viewing vehicle.  He may have been exaggerating for our benefit (and his tip), but the exhilaration of that day is nearly as fresh in … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for all Olympians, not just the gold medalists

I have a confession to make:  I love the Olympics.  I love both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, including practically every event.  I can’t wait for the action to begin today.  According to a news commentator last night, … Continue reading

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It’s so hot … how am I going to keep training??

“This seemed like a good idea when I signed up in January.”  Thus proclaims one of my favourite T-shirt sayings, available at most self-respecting race expos.  It describes how I’m feeling at the moment.  I haven’t run out of excuses to put training on hold, … Continue reading

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Promoting good customer service – good for you, good for business

I’m a glass-half-full person by nature, but every once in a while the pervasive bad news leaves me with a heavy heart.  The past few days have had that effect, with the ongoing reports of senseless bombing in Syria, continuing famines in the … Continue reading

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The fable of the Kleenex and the mouse

When my husband says, “I’m going out to check my trapline,” I know what he means.  He’s going out to his car to check the mousetraps he has set.  Like countless others, my husband’s car became the nesting ground of … Continue reading

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Ever think of taking a writers’ workshop? You might just like it

“What was I thinking, signing up for a writers’ workshop?  I’m not a real writer.”  Those were my thoughts before I took the plunge last summer, dog-paddling my way through a week of varied workshops, exposing myself as the novice … Continue reading

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Big-business agriculture versus locavorism: a rebuttal to Margaret Wente

This past Saturday, in her Globe and Mail opinion piece entitled “Take the romance out of farming and ditch locavorism”, Margaret Wente’s usual logically formulated arguments failed her. I don’t often agree with her viewpoint, which seems to be constrained … Continue reading

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