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Living an active lifestyle, not taking the easy way out

My husband and I have just returned from 5 days of helping take up some of the slack for our daughter-in-law, whose husband – our son – has been away for three weeks counting birds in the Arctic.  Whenever we … Continue reading

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Lessons from raising pigs

During our time in the country, once we expanded our farm inventory to include animals, our menagerie – and annual home-grown supply of food – wouldn’t have been complete without a few pigs.  The spring during which our farm population … Continue reading

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What motivates you? Can technology help?

Most of us have something that we procrastinate about, maybe even more than one thing.  We are all good at coming up with some excuse or other about why we’re putting off what’s good for us … or what has … Continue reading

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Where are all the girls in ICT – and why does it matter?

As I ran along our local trail this morning, re-establishing some semblance of a running schedule, I noticed that our town’s trail and landscape maintenance crews were out in full force and that most of the maintenance “men” were young women. … Continue reading

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Canada ranked best in the G20 for women – why am I not cheering?

One morning last week my husband and I were reading the papers over our morning coffee when he read out, “According to this poll, Canada is ranked number 1 for women in the G20.”  My knee-jerk reaction was something like … Continue reading

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Yoga for all, hands not so much so

This past week marked the beginning of my commitment to give yoga a chance. It’s past time to add some cross-traing to my running.   A few weeks ago I had signed up for a 5-week program of 1 session per week, … Continue reading

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The fable of the fox and the ducks

One year during our time on our farm, one of our neighbours acquired 4 white ducks. Whether for pets or meat I’m not sure.  They were kept in an enclosure behind the neighbour’s house, at the end of his driveway.  … Continue reading

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