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Lessons from raising horses

The title of this piece is somewhat inaccurate.  I don’t think we could say that we actually raised our horses.  We had a horse and she produced a baby horse. The mama definitely raised her colt; we just watched and … Continue reading

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Time for yoga, but what kind?

When my hamstrings started bothering me a few weeks ago, I decided it meant I must be doing something right, since most runners talk about tight hamstrings.  This is called putting a positive spin on things!  Positive spin or not, … Continue reading

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Running as a family affair

This coming Sunday my brother, my husband and I will be joined by our Ottawa-based younger son for the Ottawa Half Marathon, marking his first half marathon.  His wife, our lovely daughter-in-law, is running the 10K event of Ottawa’s Race … Continue reading

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Where did the family farms go? Does it matter?

When we were farming, over 30 years ago now, we were just hobby farmers.  We had day jobs; our farming exploits provided us with new adventures, new learning experiences, unbelievable food, and beautiful animals in our pastures and barns.  Of … Continue reading

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Lessons from raising cows

I have always loved cows.  I grew up far from any cows, but whenever my family had occasion to drive in rural areas – usually when visiting our grandparents and cousins in upstate New York – I loved seeing them … Continue reading

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The gift of enough

I hadn’t planned on reblogging; it seems kind of like cheating. But the messages contained in this post are too important not to be shared with all the women who might read my blog. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Problem resolution – there’s a good outcome out there waiting for you

Today is one of those days a runner doesn’t like.  Tomorrow I’m registered for a local half-marathon, meant to serve as my last long run before our multi-generational family participation in the Ottawa Half Marathon in 2 weeks’ time.  What … Continue reading

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