A unicorn’s potluck picnic – an offering for National Poetry Month!

Thanks to having entered the world of the blogosphere, I have been made aware of the fact that April is National Poetry Month, both in the U.S. and Canada. Where have I been for the past 16 years?  I never knew!

In honour of this special month I have composed a new poem, inspired by the multi-coloured zebra of my previous post, Inspiration, innovation, or creativity? and the favourite birds reported to me by some of the responders of my bird survey (sorry, Heidi, I ran out of space for a stellar jay and a bald eagle, but I haven’t forgotten!).

Perhaps some of you will be inspired to write your own poem in honour of National Poetry Month!

A Unicorn’s Potluck Picnic

A unicorn, commonly known as Will, lives deep in the forest beneath Big Nose Hill.

With the start of spring and nice warm sun, Will decides to have some fun.

He’ll invite his friends from wide and far ~ for a picnic and a grand bazaar.

He’ll ask the zebra of colourful stripe, the peacock from Small Nose with tail feathers bright,

Rudolph the Reindeer, who’s not busy yet, and the Easter Bunny, who’s worked up a sweat.

His list includes Simba, the Lion King lad, and Pumbaa, the warthog, Simba’s right hand,

Then Horton the elephant, never forget, and Penguin, who’s visiting, all soaking wet.

Big Bird and others will be asked as well; the blue jay and hummingbird think that is swell.

Robby Robin will come and bring worms for the group, while Crow will bring road kill made into a soup.

This Picnic of Spring will be so much fun, as forest friends eat, dance, and sing in the sun.

When they’re all tired out and ready to sleep, they’ll lie down on the soft ground and sleep in a heap.


When I was a young child (a very long time ago) I loved everything by A. A. Milne, including his book of poems entitled When We Were Very Young.  Many years later I went through a Dylan Thomas phase.  Now I’m being introduced to some impressive poets in the blogosphere.  Do you have any favourite poems?  Have your kids or grandchildren had some favourite poems?


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2 Responses to A unicorn’s potluck picnic – an offering for National Poetry Month!

  1. Thank you for this offering…it is a true gift.

    Be encouraged!


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