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Technology-free running: Lab report

A little over a week ago I decided to take up the challenge posed by an article in the May 2012 Runner’s World entitled “Tech Time-Out”.  The idea is to “leave behind your gadgets and gain a new respect for … Continue reading

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Quilting satisfaction

Two months after posting about the beginning of my new quilting project, we have a new king size bed, happily clad in my completed quilt.  It was the simplest pattern I’ve done, by far.  I decided that a busy pattern … Continue reading

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Bhutan and Disney World, two places where happiness matters

What do two disparate entities like the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan and the eminently accessible Floridian kingdom of Disney World have in common?  They both measure their success in terms of happiness. Yesterday I met a woman who had … Continue reading

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Lemonade stands, paper routes, babysitting – and Warren Buffett

After writing about the iconic lemonade stand as a model with which to teach children about entrepreneurship, one of my readers asked if paper routes counted too.  I hadn’t given that any thought, so I went to my first research … Continue reading

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Technology-free running, is that even possible?!

As is the case with most runners, I am very routine oriented.  In previous posts I have described how my Garmin has helped me learn how to pace myself so I don’t go out at a faster speed than I … Continue reading

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Life lessons of a lemonade stand

The lemonade stand.  It turns out that it really is an ideal model for teaching entrepreneurship to children.  It comes to our minds easily as an icon of children and business.  Following on my recent musings on this subject, the lemonade stand as … Continue reading

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Mindfulness, Chi Running, and Bhutan

Mindfulness.  Meditation.  Chi Running.  Tai Chi.  Yoga.  How are these different philosophies and activities related?  I have practiced Chi Running for nearly 2 years now, and it has allowed me to continue running, uninjured and happy.  Knock on wood, I … Continue reading

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