St. Patrick’s Day storms and sleepovers

Although our annual St. Patrick’s Day came as scheduled (well, a few days early), it has left a beautiful show – and the sidewalks and trails are nice and bare, thanks to good plowing and a nice strong almost-spring sun.

Clara Cadoodle has a great plan for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – she’s having a sleepover at her Nana’s.  Check out Nana Cadoodle’s St. Paddy Day green sofa, just the right colour for this event.  And could that plant be a shamrock?

A Sleepover For Clara Cadoodle

This is the story of Clara Cadoodle, who lives in a house in the land of Bazoodle.

Now Clara has many favourite things, like swimming and birthday partying.

One thing VERY special to her is to go to Nana’s for a sleepover.

At Nana’s they both are on their own to decide what to do when they’re all alone.

They make their own rules about what, where and when, like what to eat, where to play, and when to go to bed.

Clara helps Nana make – mmmm – chocolate cake; she mixes and stirs so it’s ready to bake.

She helps clean up while still on her stool, and finishes the job by licking the bowl!

After dinner they curl up by the TV to watch lots of Clara’s favourite DVDs.

They watch the Backyardigans and Barney too, then laugh and cheer when they’re finally through.

There are many books for them to choose, like Curious George and Goodnight Moon.

They read and read ’til Nana finally says, “Oh dear, it’s late, it’s time for bed!”

Then Nana helps Clara do her chores, like brushing all her teeth, and they tell each other about their day before they go to sleep,

It seems like only minutes before Clara hears Nana say, “Wake up, Clara dear, it’s time to start another day.”

Before Clara goes back home, she has the breakfast she likes the most, with chocolate cake, and chocolate milk, and chocolate spread on toast.

To honour St. Pat, there’s green frosting to cheer; Clara wants to try green milk next year!

Sleepovers with Nana are always fun and Clara can’t wait for another one.

Clara has more to share with us all; we’ll just have to wait for her to call.


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