Still loving winter, but every once in a while …

In our neck of the woods, this is March Break Week for schools and universities.  This is the time when all those families that don’t go to Disney World hope that good winter conditions prevail, with snow for the kids to play in.  But a warming trend is also welcome, both inviting and  offering reassurance that winter will eventually end.  We talk fondly of the oxymoron called spring skiing, which occurs when the joint miracles of good snow cover and spring-like temperatures overlap.  Of course, by definition such conditions can’t last long together.  We happen to have a lovely blanket of snow at the moment.  At the beginning of the week we had mornings that started around -14C (7F) and gradually warmed up to -5C (23F) or better, ensuring that the snow conditions persisted.  These conditions provided lots of opportunities for outdoor family fun during the week: skiing, skating, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.  And then today it reached 15C (60F) in beautiful sunshine.  There was spring skiing at the local ski hill and melting snow rushing down the stream beds and streets in town.  Potholes are now growing like weeds, the first crop of 2012!

Yesterday I went for a long run with my yak trax, making my way across stretches of plowed snow track and frozen slush, along with some nice bits of bare pavement.  It was a beautiful day, and I passed a group of children building a snowman.  Today, 24 hours later, the warm weather has started the snowman on his way to being a pool of water, reminiscent of Frosty when only his top hat remained.

At this point some people can’t help but turn their thoughts to spring flowers.  This is the gift the land of seasons bestows: we can always look forward to the next season!

Clara Cadoodle loves her winter activities, especially sliding on the hill behind her house in Bazoodle.  But when it turns unexpectedly warm, she sometimes imagines some of the fun things she does when spring appears.

Clara Cadoodle Visits the Farm

This is the story of Clara Cadoodle, who lives in a house in the land of Bazoodle.

She loves to go down Nova Scotia way to visit her family who live by the bay.

She’s gone there by car and by plane and by train, and has had so much fun that it’s hard to explain.

She visits her cousin in Halifaxoodle, where she plays with his toys and eats her aunt’s strudel.

Then they go to the farm – the best thing to do; it’s just down the road and it’s like their own zoo.

There’s so much to do when you come to the farm (and the mud and the muck don’t do any harm).

Poppy, Nana A, and Auntie G are all there, feeding the horses and doing repairs.

There’s a great big tractor, all bright green and yellow, which is driven by Poppy, a really fun fellow.

The horses need plenty of hay and of oats so Grady and Clair will have beautiful coats.

And their trough must be full of water to drink ‘cause a horse is too big to drink from the sink.

Clara helps feed the horses, of course; she holds out a carrot to Grady’s BIG mouth.

A really fine treat is to ride on the tractor; it makes Mommy nervous, so they try to distract her.

Clara climbs up high and sits close to Poppy; she sits up real straight – she can’t be all floppy!

Kitty cat Tally gives a passing stare, as Clara holds the steering wheel with care.

Each time she leaves her farming fam-i-ly, she takes home lots of happy memories.

Clara is planning another trip away, but more about that another day!


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3 Responses to Still loving winter, but every once in a while …

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  2. jane tims says:

    It makes perfect sense that Clara should love strudel. I like your drawings of horses!!! Jane

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