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An intersection of running and writing

Today’s post is scheduled to be a running topic, based on my self-imposed plan to alternate between posts on running and writing for children.  Enthusiasm for this challenge is lacking because this is my third day of not running, two … Continue reading

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Watching dads and kids

This past Saturday’s Globe and Mail featured an extremely lengthy article by Ian Brown in which he waxed eloquently on the joy of ogling – and following – scantily clothed women in public.  I won’t spend any time here discussing … Continue reading

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NYC marathon, once upon a time…

After having had to cancel my spot in 2010, in February 2011 I claimed my guaranteed registration in the 2011 NYC marathon.  Training began soon afterwards.  Well, it began in a fashion.  My husband, my brother, and I all signed up to run … Continue reading

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Hockey championships and rites of spring

Although Canada’s self-proclaimed national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, does not seem to be aware of it, Canada’s University Cup tournament for men’s hockey – Canada’s national sport – is taking place this week.  In fact, it is being hosted … Continue reading

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Beware those tempting marathon lotteries, you might just “win”

Be warned, the high one feels when completing one’s first half marathon can be a dangerous thing.  For a while, everything seems possible, especially the opportunity to repeat the feeling.  Of course, the desire to repeat the feeling doesn’t include … Continue reading

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Brainstorming all by yourself

I don’t know about you, but brainstorming has been an important part of my work life. We used brainstorming techniques to develop IT solutions to business problems, to come up with ideas for new projects and products, and for strategic … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day, NYC, and running

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day snow, which came a few days early this year, has been dealt a mighty blow by our very own St. Patrick’s Day miracle.  Yesterday marked the first of what is supposed to be a week … Continue reading

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