Slow but steady wins the race

Often, as I run these days, when I’m not concentrating on my Chi body position I spend time working through ideas for writing or sometimes ideas for quilts.  We are currently redecorating our bedroom, which now features a bright red wall.  This “feature” is screaming out for a new quilt to complement the red and complete the statement we are trying to make.   I always love to watch a new quilt come to life, revealing how the designs and colour combinations I have in my head are really going to work.  The other day I laid out the pieces for this new project on our living room floor, to the sounds of one of my favourite running playlists. What fun.

Laying out the first pieces

Pieces all laid out, nowhere to walk!

There’s a long way to go: sewing the pieces together; deciding on the backing; carefully layering the finished top, batting, and backing; quilting the whole thing; and then completing it with the perfect edge and binding.  Slowly but surely it will take shape.  By the end of a quilting project, the quilt always feels like a part of you.  It’s become a close friend.

Children who gravitate towards crafts experience that sense of creative satisfaction from an early age.  They learn about colour and design, what they like and what they don’t like, what works and what doesn’t work.  They enjoy the planning, the process, and the finished products.  Clara Cadoodle enjoys sharing the results of her creative endeavours.

Clara Cadoodle has an Arts and Crafts Exhibit


This is the story of Clara Cadoodle, who lives in a house in the land of Bazoodle.

Now Clara is a very talented girl, whose pictures and crafts make her parents’ heads swirl.

She makes nice things almost every day, and one day she decides to have a display.

She’ll have a show of her very best stuff; she’s sure that there is more than enough.

She’ll look through the house to see what to pick and make some new pieces to add to the mix.

Clara has Playdoh objects to bring, and a treasure chest de-cor-ated with bling.

She’s painted pictures of rainbows and such, and glued things on paper, which are great fun to touch.

Pasting  on paper is a fun activ-i-ty;  pasta and feathers work well, as you see,

and leaves and bits of paper can be used cre-a-tive-ly.

Clara chooses pieces closest to her heart to show at her first exhibit of art.

She’s going to display them for all to see and sends invitations to her fam-i-ly.

There will be snacks on hand as an extra perk for the viewers admiring Clara’s work.

They’ll write in her guest book when they are through: “Wonderful show”, “excellent work”, “such talent you have”, Thank you!”

Clara’s getting ready for a big holiday, but more about that another day.


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1 Response to Slow but steady wins the race

  1. jane tims says:

    Hi Jane. I love your story about Clara. I think all children should have a wall for their art. I also love your quilt-in-progress. The colors are beautiful and should add a lot of beauty and warmth to your redecorated room. There is a lot of work yet to do!!! Jane

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