More child’s play

The important work of child’s play can take different twists and turns depending on each child’s inclinations and interests.  My own experience at parenting involved an all-male world.  We did have dolls at our house and they were part of play most of the time.  They included little Fisher-Price farmers, many little blue smurfs, every Star Wars figure known to man (and mothers by necessity), and some larger dolls, all of whom went by the name of GI Joe.  We introduced a tea set at one time and it was used enthusiastically and with great seriousness by our 18-month old son, who loved to carefully set out all the cups on their saucers – for a few weeks.

Now that I have been welcomed into an expanded world of play through my granddaughter, I see that the possibilities are truly endless.  Just taking one small example, in this world tea sets take on a much more central role than as a precursor to building bigger structures.  And our friend Clara Cadoodle is an exceptional hostess when she gives tea parties.

 Princess Clara’s Tea Party

This is the story of Clara Cadoodle, who lives in a castle in the Kingdom of Bazoodle.

Today Princess Clara is having a tea to celebrate the birthday of her sweet Mommy.

Princess Clara has a long list of guests; no one will want to miss this grand fest.

She’s invited her Mommy, whose birthday it is, and young Prince Gustopher, who hasn’t had his.

She’s invited her Daddy, but he has to work, so she’ll save him some cake as a special perk.

She’s invited her dollies and teddy bears, too; they’re always fun to have at a do.

Princess Clara is planning food for her guests, being sure that she serves only the best.

She’s baking a cake, the most important part; it’s chocolaty purple and shaped like a heart.

And then there are cookies, all filled up with chips, and yummy red grapes, with a pink yogurt dip.

Not to mention the tea, which she’ll pour from her pot right into the cups of her guests on the spot.

When the cake has been eaten and the tea sipped and glugged, Mommy will give Clara a great big hug.

All the guests will say, “It’s over so fast!”, and they’ll all thank Clara for having a blast.

Then the teddy bears will put on their caps and the dollies will go down for their naps.

Clara is planning a new activitay, but more about that another day!


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1 Response to More child’s play

  1. jane tims says:

    Hi. When my great-niece was born, the first thing I did was get my little set of doll dishes out, to get them ready for our first tea-party. Now all I have to do is wait a year or so to enjoy it with her. I like ‘dollies will go down for their naps’! Jane

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